At Frontier School of the Bible, we approach our academic purpose with a particular methodology that is accomplished by fulfilling three distinct goals.

First, we strive to offer a sound and rich Bible education. Aside from classes that cover particular books of the Bible, Frontier also has classes focused on theological and ministry topics. Each of these classes is designed to not only educate and grow the student but to prepare the student for future ministry. We want all of our students grounded in the Word of God.

Along with this compelling Bible instruction, our second goal is practical application. Our students are not merely educated; they serve in various churches in our area. This permits the students to engage their teaching in real-life applications and ministry settings. Our students, then, develop a sincere and faithful heart in regard to ministry and service.

The final facet of education approach is the committed involvement of our faculty and staff. Each of our faculty members possess significant ministry experience, and we believe communicating this experience enriches the educational experience. Biblical ministry is a matter of life, so our faculty makes a concentrated effort to share their lives with our students.

We are committed to providing an exceptional Bible education because, we firmly believe that it is valuable for the Christian life.

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