We are excited to have you apply, but please read the following information before beginning so that your application process will be smooth.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the current semester is two weeks before that semester’s class registration. No applications will be accepted after that date for that semester.

Online Application

Forms to Upload

Uploading these files will be necessary to complete the online application.

  1. Written Testimony – This document (preferably a PDF) should detail your coming to salvation, your surrendering to His will, and His leading in your life up to the present time.
  2. Recent Photograph of Yourself
  3. Medical Information – You will need to provide some basic medical information (such as your doctor’s name and address) but we also need to have your Immunization Records.  You may upload these (recommended) or fill out an immunization section manually.


At the end of the application, you will be asked to provide the names and emails of three references.  One of these must be your pastor (or a church elder or board member if you are related to the pastor).  These references will then automatically be emailed a reference form.

The two general references must meet the following requirements:

  • over 21 years old
  • not a relative
  • known for at least 1 year


In addition to filling out the online form, you will need to download a transcript request form (a download link will be found at the end of the application). You can use this to have your high school/college transcripts or records sent to Frontier.

Application Fee

After filling out the online application, you will be asked to pay a $25 application fee. The application will not be processed without receipt of this fee.


Once all forms have been submitted, our acceptance committee will prayerfully consider your application and make a final determination.  The registrar will call or email you with the decision.  If you are accepted, all room, board, tuition and fees are due prior to registration.


If you have your references, a written testimony, a recent photo, and medical information ready click on “Begin Application” to get started.Begin Online Application

Traditional Application

We realize that in some cases, the traditional application process is what will work best. If this describes your situation, click the link to the right to download an application to print and receive instructions for its completion.