Cost Summary


Full-time Resident Student

Semester Year
Tuition (12 -22 hours) $950.00 $1900.00
Room & Board $1900.00 $3800.00
Student Fees $400.00 $800.00
Total $3250.00* $6500.00*

* Books and class notes will vary but typically cost an additional $175.00-200.00 per semester.


Part-time Student

Per Credit Hour $100.00*
Student Fees $175.00
Audit $50.00
  • Book and class notes will vary depending on which classes are taken.


Financial Payment Contracts

Financial payment contracts are available to upperclassmen only. FSB will allow payment contracts on student accounts up to the amount of $1200.00. This amount must be paid in three installment payments within the current semester. For more information you may contact the Business Office.

Work Scholarship Program

On-campus jobs for student account credit may be available in some departments and offices, including Food Service, Janitorial, and Maintenance. Employment applications may be obtained at our Business Office. Please bring a photo ID and Social Security Card.

For further questions or information, please contact our business office.