While we at Frontier School of the Bible makes an effort to keep a Bible education inexpensive, we also recognize the challenges of keeping an education affordable. To that end, we are providing the following information to help students find methods of assisting with the education expense.

If you have any question regarding the costs of a Bible education, please contact us and we would be happy to provide whatever information would be helpful.

Overview of Scholarships

Although government scholarships are not generally available to students of a private Bible institute, students are welcome to find private scholarships—from community organizations, churches, or foundations—to help with the costs of school.

Additionally, every year, some scholarships are awarded, as available, to returning students who meet the goals of each particular scholarship.

Missionary Families

During their freshman year, the children of all missionaries may receive a scholarship equal to one-half of the tuition. This scholarship is assessed each semester of that freshman year. While this scholarship does not cover room and board expenses, the intent is to ease the burden for families which are already serving on the field.