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Thank you for your investment in the lives of men and women training for life and ministry!

Giving Financial Gifts

Frontier School of the Bible is a ultimately a ministry that relies on your generosity to function. We appreciate your gift very much, and we are confident that it will be used by God to train those He has called to minister to the world. We pray that through His grace and provision, that the students of Frontier will make a significant impact for the glory of God.

Before making your donation, please be mindful of a few items.

  1. If you are making a large donation, please consider sending a check to the school. Both credit card companies and Paypal charge a significant percentage to process donations. Like you, we want donations to make the most significant impact that they can.
  2. Online donations can be made by simply clicking the donation button below and following the onscreen instructions.
  3. Please specify if you are donating to a specific individual, project, department, etc.


​Alternative Methods of Support

​If you shop on, you can click this banner and a portion (.5%) of what you spend will be donated to Frontier School of the Bible.​