Tuition & Fees


All costs are per semester unless otherwise noted.

General Fees

Full-time (12-22 hours)

Tuition $950.00
Student Fees $400.00

Part-time (under 12 hours)

Tuition $100.00 per credit hour
Student Fees $175.00
Audit Fee $50.00

Off-campus Student

Tuition (12-22 hrs.) $950.00
Student Fees $400.00

The spouse of a full-time off-campus student receives a 50% discount on tuition and student fees.

Bachelor’s Degree Program


Resident Student

Room and Board $1900.00
Private/Single Room + $100.00
Dorm Deposit $200.00

Married/Single Student Apartments

8-Plex 2-bedroom Apartment $500.00 per month + utilities
5-Plex 1-bedroom Apartment $450.00 per month + utilities
Grace Hall Apartments $450.00 per month – includes utilities
Apartment Damage Deposit $800.00

Monthly rent amount includes water, sewer, garbage & internet.

Other Fees

Course Related Fees

Pre-registration Late Fee $10 per day ($50 max)
Late Registration Fee $50.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Payment Fee $25.00
Outstanding Balance Fee 1% Daily
Application (one-time) $25.00
Bachelor’s Degree Application $100.00
Room confirmation deposit (applies to tuition) $200.00 per semester
Late Room Deposit Fee $50.00
Graduation (one-time) $100.00


For further questions or information, please contact our business office.