Supplemental Application

Re-admission Students

An applicant that has previously attended Frontier and has been gone for more than one academic year must re-submit an application and submit a paper answering the following questions:

  1. When did you previously attend FSB and what were your reasons for leaving?

  2. Tell us what has transpired in your life since you last attended FSB. Include information regarding employment, church attendance and activities, spiritual growth, and/or struggles.

  3. Why do you wish to return to FSB?

Note: Re-submission of transcripts is not required unless you have attended another school since leaving Frontier.

Homeschool Students

An applicant may submit a transcript from an official homeschool Educational Association, GED, or ACT test scores in lieu of a transcript. If the applicant does not have these items, the following is required:

  • A homeschool transcript with a course description, the number of academic units completed, and the student’s total GPA.

  • A two-page, double-spaced essay by the student, typed or printed by computer, with the subject, “My Homeschool Experience.”

Transfer Students

Frontier may accept transfer credits from other institutions. We will allow credit for courses that are currently being taught or have been taught in the past at Frontier and for which a grade of C or higher has been earned. Full-time FSB students may not take an online course during the school year for a transfer credit, if it is currently offered at FSB.

In order to graduate from Frontier, the student must spend a minimum of one academic year at this school and complete, with passing grades, a minimum of 32 classroom hours.

International Students

“This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students.”

In addition to the requirements of the application process, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Proof of Funds – International applicants must submit to Frontier a statement from their bank or a letter from the person intending to pay for their schooling, proving the financial requirement will be met for the enrollment period at FSB. The international student must also prove to the US Consul that sufficient funds are accessible to undertake a program of study, and must show ties to their home country with plans to return when studies are completed.

  2. TOEFL – (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Non-English speaking applicants will be required to take the TOEFL. You can find more information about this at

  3. I-20 Form – When the applicant has been accepted and the Proof of Funds letter is received, an I-20 form will be sent to the student. The I-20 form is required so the student may enter the United States using an F-1 Visa.

  4. I-901 Payment – Payment of this fee is required before the student meets with the American Consul.

  5. Meet with the American Consul – When the student receives the I-20 form, he/she must make an appointment at the American Embassy for an interview with the Consul. The student must take the following paperwork with him/her to the Embassy for inspection:

    • I-20 Form

    • Financial documents/Proof of Funds

    • Valid Passport

    • Proof of payment of I-901 fee

  6. Student Visa – When the student is approved, an F-1 Visa will be granted, which will be used to enter the USA. The student is responsible for maintaining legal F-1 status. The F-1 student visa will not allow the student off-campus employment while in the USA; therefore, sufficient funds must be procured in advance (or there must be planned regular financial support) for study in the USA at Frontier School of the Bible.