Financial Regulations

For new students the total cost for school bills are due at registration. Financing options may be available for Upperclassmen; please see the business office. All payments to FSB must be made in cash (US dollars) or by check. Visa/MC/Discover credit/debit cards are accepted with a 4% transaction fee. Foreign students must pay with check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank. A bill will be emailed to you for your convenience.

If at any time a student is behind in his/her bill, they may be asked to give a reason for the delinquency and to declare their intentions concerning payment. If said intentions are not satisfactory, they may expect to be asked to leave school. No transcript or diploma will be issued until all academic, financial, and other obligations to Frontier have been met.

Charges per Semester

The following is an estimated list of expected fees for a semester at Frontier. These fees are subject to change without notice as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

Tuition (full-time students) $ 950.00
Student Fees (subject to change) $ 500.00
Room and Board (dorm students) $1650.00
Total $3100.00
Full payment discount* -$ 100.00
Final Total $3000.00
First-year Student Room Fee (non-refundable)† $ 200.00
Books (varies per semester and load) $ 175.00-250.00

* In order to receive the discount, the student account must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to registration.

First-year Student Room Fee postmarked after July 1 for Fall Semester or December 1 for Spring Semester shall be $250.00.

For purposes of fee assessment, 12 or more hours shall be considered full-time and the tuition figure shown above shall apply. Only full-time students will be allowed to live in the dorms and school housing. For those who take less than 12 hours, the fee shall be $80.00 per credit hour to take classes for credit. The fee for auditing classes shall be $40.00 per audited credit hour. Students must pay for their own books and materials. Late registration is $50.00.

Wives of full-time students may take up to 5 hours of classes (credit or audit) without tuition charge and they may take any number of hours at a 50% reduction of tuition or audit fees. Children of full-time students who live at home receive a 50% reduction of tuition or audit fees.

Off-Campus and or Married Students must pay $1,450.00 ($950 tuition + $500 fees) for the semester. A discount of $100 will be given ($1,350.00) if payed in full two weeks prior registration. Books are not included in this price. There may be additional charges for the non-student spouses, billed as necessary.

Frontier School of the Bible does not provide a 1098-T form for tax purposes.


If a student leaves school, the following schedule of refunds for the tuition and board charges shall be put into operation at the discretion of the Business Manager:


  • First week 90% refund
  • Second week 70% refund
  • Third week 50% refund
  • Fourth week 30% refund
  • After four weeks No refund


Charges for board will be prorated and refunded for the balance of the semester.

Work Scholarship program

On-campus jobs for student account credit may be available in some departments and offices, including Food Service, Library, and Maintenance. Employment applications may be obtained at our Business Office. Please bring a photo ID and Social Security Card.