Traditional Application

Step 1. Download the Application

You can click on this button to download and print all of the basic application forms.

Step 2. Application

Fill out the application.  Depending of your answers to a few of the questions, you may have to attach pages that provide explanations. Be sure to attach a recent photograph of yourself.

Step 3: Medical History

Fill out the Medical History. Depending on your answers to some of the questions, you may have additional sheets that provide explanation to your medical history.

Step 3. References Forms

Fill out the top portion on each of the three reference forms and then give these forms to your pastor and two other references. For their convenience, please provide stamped envelopes addressed to Frontier (the address is below). Additional requirements for your references follow.

  • References should be over 21
  • References should not be related to you
  • References must have known you for at least one year
  • If you are related to your pastor, give the pastor’s reference to an elder or board member of your church

Step 4. Transcript Request

The Transcript request should be filled out and sent to your high school and to any secondary school that you have attended.

Step 5. Visit the Supplemental Application Page

If you are an international, married, homeschool, or transfer student or you are seeking readmission, you may have more information which is necessary for your application.  The Supplemental Application page will explain the needed information and provide the necessary forms.  If none of these situations apply to you, you may skip this step.

Step 6. Write Your Testimony

Your testimony should include your experience of coming to faith in Christ, a description of your walk with the Lord and how you’ve surrendered to His will, and the leading of God in your life to the present time.

Step 7. Pay the Application Fee

The application fee is $25.  Checks should be made payable to Frontier School of the Bible.

Step 8. Mail in the collected materials.

Your references will mail their references directly to the school.  Your application to the school should include the following: the application itself, a recent photograph, your medical history, any relevant supplemental material, your testimony, and payment.  May these forms to …

Frontier School of the Bible
PO Box 217
LaGrange, WY  82221


If you have any questions, please email the registrar or call at (307) 834-2215.