“Frontier stands as a fortress to instill God’s Word”

In a world rapidly losing all aspects of a Christian worldview, Frontier stands as a fortress to instill God's Word into the students. Frontier's dedication to preach and teach the Word plays an important role in equipping godly men and women to lead in ministry and mission.

Steve Horsman, Alaska Field Director, InterAct Ministries

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Attending Frontier, I knew I would learn about the Bible and how to study it, but what I did not know was how it was going to change me.

"Attending Frontier, I knew I would learn about the Bible and how to study it, but what I did not know was how it was going to change me. I was taught more than just how to study it, but how to share it, teach it and live it. Each year I learned more and specifically how to apply it to my life. Frontier created in me a passion for the Word and a desire to serve God. After graduating Frontier, I was excited to see where God would place me and how He would allow me to use my gifts and skills I learned at FSB. Not only have I been able to use the skills I was taught, but I have realized Frontier made me confident in sharing - knowing ways I can practically use my gifts to share with others and to live out His Word has made me grow immensely. I have held to the truth that Christ uses all of us and I am so grateful that Frontier helped me recognize that and provided me with the knowledge and skills to do that. Frontier hasn’t only helped me in the area of sharing, but it made me more sensitive to the Word and has grown me as a person overall. Specific classes set me up for practical ways of godly living that have helped me be a better friend, wife and mom. Learning about the importance of how we live in this world has encouraged me and given me excitement to raise my family in a way that shouts of His glory and grace. I cannot express the amount of ways Frontier has impacted me and grown me, but what I can say is that Frontier is one of the greatest blessings in my life. I learned how to study the Word biblically, how to share it practically, how to use my gifts to encourage and share with others, and how to truly rely on God and His faithfulness. I also gained lifelong friends, a husband and a love for God that is greater than when I started. I am so grateful for all the staff at Frontier who cared for me and took the time to push me to grow. I would not be the person I am today without Frontier."

Sheridan Heidner, Graduate of Frontier